Darkness Ablaze are...

Photo: Mirko Lehnen

from left to right:
Christian Jaworski - Bass
Christof Lorenz - Guitar
Theo Georgitsaros - Vocals
Jens Podzierski - Keyboard
Alexander Huber - Guitar

Michael Haag - Drums

The Band was founded in April 2002, under the name "Myrkwid" by the musicians Alexander Huber (Guitar), Jens Podzierski (Keyboard) and Ruediger Einholz (Bass). After a month the talented vocalist Theo Georgitsaros joined the band.

In the following year the first demo-tape "Pagan Battle" was recorded at the Farbstrasse Studios in Bietigheim-Bissingen. It soon became clear that the drumcomputer has to be replaced by a real drummer. This part was taken by Attila Fischer in April 2003. The name of the band was changed into "DARKNESS ABLAZE" in the very same month. In September 2003 the band recorded its second demo-tape in their own production.

In February 2004 Christof Lorenz joined the band as the second guitarist, and filled in very well. After they played bigger gigs in 2004, the bassplayer Ruediger decided to leave the band, due to personal issues. His part was taken by Christian Jaworski.

In the middle of 2006 the band decided to part ways with drummer Attila. A new member was found in Marcel Woitowicz, who was quickly added to the band`s lineup, due to his excellent abilites. After a long period in Studio the self-titled debut album was released in April 2007.

It got great responses by the press (Legacy 14/15)

In December 2007 the band splited up with drummer Marcel. His part was taken by Sascha Beul, former drummer of Crisis Never Ends in March 2008.

Darkness Ablaze created a unique musical genre, caused by the many different affectations of its bandmembers. Impelling doublebass and brutal blastbeats unite with playful melodies, morbid growl vocals alternate with wrathful screams. The pieces are accompanied by spheric keyboard sounds, precise bass licks provide the tool to round off the music. Darkness Ablaze play versatile Metal, wich cannot be pigeonholed.