Unfortunately, we had to cancel today's appearance on the Autumn from Hell-Fest.

June 2011

Once again, the Band is going through a change.
Our keyboarder Jens Podzierski left the band after nine years. Whe have to thank him for a great time, many great concerts and the many hours of fruitful song-writing and band-practicing. We wish him the best.
Nevertheless we use the time till the next gigs in autumn/winter for songwriting. More news will follow soon.


We just returned from our first tour. Tired but fortunate that we could share this experience with our friends of THUNDRA and WOLFCHANT.
Although, there is not much time to be tired! On Saturday 24.04 we will celebrate
the releaseparty for our new Album "Shadowreign". And believe us, compared to that party Icelandic vulcans look like a party bomb.
By the way, you can find us now on Facebook and follow us on twitter
Cheers and see you on Saturday!


For the grand finale we uploaded a whole new song.
You can listen to it on our myspace-site and download it here.
Above you can see the flyer for our releaseparty, which will be absolutely awesome.


There is another snippet on our myspace-site and under "Downloads".
And we made a short video, check it out on youtube:
Darkness Ablaze Shadowreign Trailer.


We uploaded a new excerpt from the opener "Enclosure No. 7" from our upcoming album.
It is available on our myspace-site, and in our "Download"- and "Music"-Section on this page.
Hope you'll enjoy!


Some news about new CD
Up there it is: The cover of our new album, "Shadowreign". It will be released at the 9th of April. There will be an access code for downloading the whole Celtic-Rock-show inside the booklet. Furthermore, beginning on 07.03. there will be a little surprise added to our myspace-site every Sunday evening.
Plus, we added more photos to our Black Troll Winterfest gallery and added another one from the Celtic Rock Festival...


Big News
First of all:
We finished producing our new album, called "Shadowreign". It contains 10 Songs, lasts 53 minutes and includes 2 live-videos, recorded at the celtic rock festival. We were able to work with not less than four guest musicians, there are vocal parts from Timo (Mindead) and Janina and Sarina (May the silence fail), for instance.
Thanks to the perfect support of Christoph Brandes (Iguana Studios), we are more than satisfied with the result. We were able to add quite a few more elements to our music. To be revealed in advance:
Violinsolo, clean vocals, guitar/keyboard-battles, chello-attack, more clean guitars, much more blastbeats etc etc...
And: Yes, there will be a releasepary. Yes, it will take place at the Farbstraße at April 24th. We will keep you informed when the album will be actually released.
But that's not all, folks.
We are pleased to announce the "Dark Alliance Tour", thogehter with Wolfchant and Thundra. Live dates are mentioned on the flyer above and in our "Live"-page.


Happy new year!
We added some live-pictures from the Black Troll Winterfest in our gallery.
Information about our new release will follow very soon.


We were able to confirm the first shows for 2010. For Details, check the "Live"-page.


There are new photos in our newest two galleries. Enjoy!


We added some more live-pictures in our gallery...


We added some pictures of the recording-sessions so far. Have fun!


We are able to support Endstille, Hollenthon and God Dethroned for three dates on their tour. Check "Live" for more details!


New Album
Once again, we entered the Farbstrasse Studios to record our second full-length, 10 track album. Pictures or videos of the recording-sessions will be available as soon we got some...


We added some pictures from the Black-Troll-Festival.


We are back from the Black Troll Festival and want to thank everyone involved for this great festival.
Photos will be available soon. In addition we were able to add some gigs for this winter. And we recieved some more reviews of our debut CD. Horns up!


We have been confirmed for a few concerts. See "Live" for more details!


There is a new review available:
As the second band at all, we were awarded both with the "Gold"-Award and the "Newcomer-Award".
Furthermore, there will be new bandshirts available very soon. Rock on!


We did a little makeover on the "Pics"-section and added a few pictures
of our last gig. Enjoy!


And once again we appear in some magazines... Among articles in the Rock Hard, Heavy No. 115, Legacy No. 53 (with a song on their sampler again)
and the german Metal-Hammer we linked a few more online-reviews on our "Press"-section...


Due to our release two weeks ago, "Darkness Ablaze" is featured in some
german special interest magazines, namely "Zillo 11/08" and "Sonic Seducer 10/08". You will find interviews and/or reviews there - more to come.
In the "Press"-Section we added two more reviews, and since you can order our album via and, we got our first customer reviews ;)


Today´s concert, the Backyard Open Air is cancelled.
It is expected to take place on September the 20th.


We will play on the Backyard Open Air in Gummersbach this Saturday!
For details, go to the "live"-section.


Our self-titeld debut album "Darkness Ablaze" will be released on the 3rd of October nearly Europe-wide via Black Bards / Alive.
There were many features added to the former version of 2007, like an intro and four additional video-clips.
The superb cover/artwork was designed by Gabriel Bueno (, who worked for artists like Kataklysm and Heaven Shall Burn as well.
Furthermore the album or tracks of it will be available through online media services like, and
Horns Up!


English homepage goes online!


Good news everyone!
Finally it happened: We signed a record deal with Black Bards Entertainment! We look forward to a successful and great cooperation.
More infos on the next release will follow very soon.